Karina Rosina is currently working with The Urban Night Band, although that is merely the pinnacle of the years working with various live formations. Whether it's trios consisting of bass, keyboards and drums or saxophone provided by the gifted Michel Nahabedian, or intimate duos where Karina teams up with renowned pianist Hovannes Djibian, flexibility and the ability to work with various musicians from different backgrounds has been a key characteristic strengthening Karina's career.

When not touring Europe in the summer months, she plays at weddings, exhibitions, birthdays, corporate events, congresses and formal functions and many other events that require intimate, yet powerful and seductive performances that turns any event into a memorable experience. Head over into the 'Music' section to listen to some recordings of Karina's past performances and hear for yourself how Jazz, Soul and Funk is supposed to sound.

"If I'm going to sing like someone else, then I don't need to sing at all."

Billie Holiday